Film studio        SHPILENOK FILM  

We shoot nature films in places that are hard to get to and even harder to leave. We want as many people as possible to see through our eyes how idiosyncratic and beautiful nature can be!

Our work brings us happiness, because:

  • We make films that make people happier, more calm, and inspired.

  • We present stories about animals that are free and have never experienced the agression of man, animals that trust us and do not think of us as murderers.

  • We are unable to deceive them, and show that a wild, free animal is more far beautiful than a caged one.

  • Every day spent in undisturbed nature makes thoughts clearer and returns one to simple truths about love and trust – and therein is happiness.


Dmitry Shpilenok

director, camera operator, producer

Anna Sukhova


Andrei Shpilenok


Igor Shpilenok

nature consultant, photographer

Nikolai Shpilenok

camera operator, photographer

Maria Sukhova

assistant producer

Vladislav Grishin

editing director

Antonina Balashova

sound director

Georgy Khimoroda